More Stories & Live Shots

Honoring a teacher on her last day of teaching with an ‘Educator of Excellence’ award.

I researched to find the best ways to handle stress during the holiday season.

Part 1 of a two-part series on the heroin addiction in Central New York. A woman opens up about her struggle.

Part 2 of ‘Hooked on Heroin.’

Two photographers, two GoPros, and one reporter on a cold day to show a fire department’s ice rescue training. We brainstormed how to tell the best story in the most creative way!

Trying to tell a cold weather story in a different way!

Another snow day story.

This is a special project I worked on for weeks. Talented photographer Chris Wood did an amazing job shooting this story (Nominated for 2015 New York Emmy).

Creative stand-up day!

Police found a man on fire on top of a train. It was a Sunday and we got creative with how we told a breaking story.

One way to do a Christmas Eve story!

We rushed to the scene where an intruder was supposedly inside an elementary school. Turned out the school was safe, but I still pursued the story as it changed direction.

Thought outside the box on how to tell the story of a sea gull.

Example of a quick thinking live shot during breaking news.

The completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live in the 5:00 newscast, plus a stand-up.

Quick day-turn after a popular cupcake chain closed in the Northeast.

Breaking news of a shooting in Bridgeport, CT.

Excerpts from more than six hours of live snow coverage in January 2014.

I used a lot of natural sound to show how firefighters battle the hot weather (2012 SPJ Award).

High school freshman paints nostalgic picture of a group of people who eat at Hardees every morning.

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